If time travel was a fact and it was possible

discussion, hoping that new and, if necessary, radical ideas are created in the spirit that it is better to express a constructive view rather than to passively accept a disagreeable situation with discontent. No particular doctrine is intended and if my expressed conclusions attract adverse comment, or my suggestions are ridiculed, it is sufficient that discussion and consideration took place with the aim of helping the many unfortunate people of our country who are at present without hope. As to whether change is necessary or not one can not help pay some regard of that phenomenon of the post war world, Japan: If time travel was a fact and it was possible to transport someone from the middle of the social scale of Victorian Britain to the present time, he would think a revolution had taken place; but the basic ground rules of social life and commerce would shortly become comprehensible to him. The equivalent Japanese, transported to modern Tokyo would think he was on a different planet! It is suggested that they have changed for the better, while we have not. II

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